Island Time

December 30th – Briana and I woke up and took a brisk walk up the beach before heading into town for some souvenir shopping. While on our walk we came upon what seemed to be an abandoned resort. What seemed odd is it appeared that some of the villa’s looked lived in or occupied.

After our walk we all got ready to venture into town for some souvenir shopping. This probably wasn’t the best idea. Once in town we ran into a golf cart traffic jam. Never knew you could have a traffic jam of golf carts, but in San Pedro you can. And man was it hot! We found a parking spot and set out for some souvenirs.

The first shop, which was not air conditioned and should’ve been a sign, I witnessed Sienna looking for a place to sit down rather than at t-shirts. Cut to the 3rd shop and she’s telling us she still needs to sit down. We think she is overheating and needs something cold to drink. We find a great little coffee shop that happens to also make smoothies, The Junction Espresso Bar. Highly recommend this little gem.

After cooling off we headed back out to meet up with Briana’s parents in Central Park. Once there Sienna’s loses her breakfast in a municipal trashcan. That’s when we decided we need to wrap it up and proceed back to the cart, in the heat and with all the exhaust fumes. Made for a very interesting morning.

Once back at the condo Sienna took a much needed nap while Briana and I had found our own little piece of heaven, a pool to ourselves with not a soul to bother us. And this pool even had servers pop by and take our drink orders. The pool was so nice and refreshing after such a hot and stressful morning.

We spent the afternoon relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. That evening we had dinner reservations at a Tapas restaurant, which was just up the beach, and was delicious! Aji Tapa Lounge and Restaurant was right on the water, sand between your toes, great reggae music playing in the background, just great laid back vibes.

This place has a resident canine named Dakota which took a huge liking to our Kiley and she couldn’t resist playing fetch, with a coconut, with her new bud.

The food was delicious! I went all in and had the Paella Belize, which had lobster, calamari, shrimp, fish, conch and Vegetables, served over Spanish saffron rice. So very yummy! I even took a picture of it…

A great way to end our day.

December 31st – This morning we were up at our dock promptly at 8:15am for our snorkel tour of Mexico Rocks with Tuff E Nuff Tours. We got really lucky because we had a private tour, just us and grandpa on our own boat. We did 2 separate locations within the Mexico Rocks marine park. Each had a vast amount of corals teaming with fish. We saw everything from a turtle grazing to spotted eagle rays. The girls really enjoyed it! So much so that we booked a shark and ray snorkel tour. Can’t wait!

Here’s a brief video of our Spotted Eagle Ray encounter. AWESOME!!!

Last night we celebrated New Year’s Eve with pizza and beer. I honestly don’t remember the last time I stayed up to witness the ball drop. Happy New Year to all.

Today, we snorkel Hol Chan and Shark Ray Ally. Should be fun.

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  1. Gorgeous 💙. Happy New Year 🎆🎊🎈


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