2 days by the pool

December 27th – I had every intention to wake up and witness my first sunrise here in Belize. That did not happen, instead I was welcomed with the beautiful sun shining through the palm tree saying “Good Morning”.

Being that it was our first day here in Ambergris Caye we decided to lay low and just hang out by the pool. I mean this place has a swim-up-bar. Who can resist a frosty beverage in the pool? The girls loved it and bellied up for shirley temple’s and I had some crazy delicious frosty beverage.

The girls loved it.

The resort offers, free of charge, use of paddle boards, kayaks, and snorkeling gear. We decided to take out 2 paddle boards and a 2 person kayak. Grandpa and Sienna were in the kayak, Briana on a paddle board, and Kiley using my paddle board as her personal chariot while I did all the hard work on our board. We spent maybe 30 minutes paddling around in the warm caribbean waters and then retired back to the pool for the remainder of the afternoon.

We finished the day off with Briana and I making dinner and Stephen and I enjoying some local rum.

So many stars!

December 28th – This morning Briana and I woke up at 6am and headed to the dock ready with camera and cell phone in hand for the sunrise. Below is a time lapse that Briana captured.

A few more photos from our amazing sunrise:

A fisherman’s dream

After breakfast Briana and I decided to take a walk along the beach. We came across our next happy hour spot, Rum Dog bar and grill. It’s an elevated bar and grill out over the ocean. It even has inner tubes so you can float and enjoy your choice of cocktails.

If you look close and to the right, you can see the rafts.

Once back we gathered our girls and headed to the pool. Today was a little different though because Kiley got a little too much sun yesterday and was a hot mess since she didn’t want to wear her sun shirt. Not happy! And refused to share her hot cheetos.

After a few frosty beverages, the girls had virgin strawberry daiquiris, Briana a mudslide, and I a crocodile (not sure what it was, but it had a large amount of tequila and was delicious). We then ventured out, once again into the caribbean, this time Sienna and me in a kayak, Kiley and Grandpa in a kayak, and Briana on a paddle board. We had a blast out on the water. We just needed to keep a look out for boats.

Back on shore and back in the pool ’til it was time to head in for showers. Tonight we head into town for dinner at Blue Water Grill. Can’t wait, I’m starving!

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