Until We Meet Again

As our vacation came to a close on Saturday, as I was driving up Interstate 95, I wondered why we haven’t visited Bald Head Island, NC before. We spent a lot of years in the Outer Banks with the hordes of people trying to cram themselves onto a tiny sliver of sand and dealing with the crazy traffic on island. Once on Bald Head Island, there is none of this. If you are in search of peace and quiet or you enjoy shell hunting on the beach alone, then Bald Head Island is the place for you.

What I realized with this vacation is that David, Briana, and I have started a tradition of taking over the dining table and attempting to do a rather complex puzzle. We did our first while on Spring Break in Kiawah, South Carolina. This go round David found a 1500 piece puzzle of the Eiffel Tower that was stashed away with games that came with the house. We couldn’t say no. Every free moment was spent bent over the dining table trying to find that ever elusive puzzle piece. In the end we finished 1,499 pieces of the 1,500 because it was missing one piece (which really made Briana upset). But we did it!

Our final day on island was spent just relaxing on the beach. Briana, David, and I got up early and took Kota on a nice long walk in search of shark’s teeth. Not a single one was found, but I did find two almost fully intact whelk shells.

After the walk, we planted ourselves on our very own private beach for the day. We set up the tent, put our chairs in the sand, poured some drinks, and put on some tunes and enjoyed our last day of vacation. It made for an amazing day of just pure relaxation and great conversation. Plus Kota finally got to swim after a week of not allowing him to go all the way in as he could be shark bait. The water was so warm and refreshing with gentle waves lapping against the shore.

No one around, this is crazy!

After a late lunch on the beach we packed up and headed back to the house to eat and try to make it to the west end of the island to witness a sunset. We parked our carts and made our way to the water’s edge which is the mouth of the Cape Fear River. What we didn’t expect was one of the best light show’s a sunset could ever put on. It was absolutely stunning. And the little surprise was to see the two massive cargo ships pass us by. Made for some amazing photos.

A few more pics from our sunset photo shoot.

This vacation quickly jumped to one of our all time favorites simply because Bald Head Island is so quiet and relaxing. If you are in need of that then head to Bald Head Island, North Carolina. I know we will again!

A few more photos from the week.

Remember regardless of where your travels take you, why not just go?

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  1. This looks absolutely amazing, love it.


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