Island Ahead!

Saturday July 20th – Briana, Kota, and I, along with all our gear for a week at the beach, set off for Camp Horizons where our girls have been for 2 weeks of sleep-away camp, or fancy camp as some call it. We pulled into camp just before 9am and headed straight for the barn where Sienna would be performing in a horse show. I was over the moon to finally be reunited with our girls. They were more excited to see Kota than us. But I get it, he’s their puppy! As for the horse show, Sienna was amazing! She looked so graceful and confident and in complete control.

Sienna on her horse Zach.

After the show we jumped in the car on our way to Bald Head Island, North Carolina. We had such great conversations about the last two weeks of their camp experience. Sienna even confessed that at the last night at a camp sing along, her cabin-mates and Sienna were all so sad about leaving one another and camp that they all cried. Our big girl is growing up. Kiley was exhausted from 2 weeks of go-go-go and probably not getting any real quality sleep. And as the day progressed she started to complain that she felt feverish and cold. Not a good thing on our first day of vacation.

Together again!

I will admit that this was probably the easiest travel ROAD day that we’ve ever had. ZERO TRAFFIC! We pulled into Southport, North Carolina just before 5pm and met up with our travel companions, the Potts, at the local Super Walmart for groceries. And a case of “the mountains” Coors Light. While I went in to assist with the shopping Briana and the girls had to switch out some items of clothing that they wanted to bring with them from camp to the beach.

Once all of the groceries were packed in our coolers we were off to the Ferry Terminal. And man was it hot! 100 degrees which felt like you were standing on the surface of the sun. We pulled up to the terminal, dropped off our luggage, purchased our ferry tickets, then proceeded to the waiting area but not before purchasing some libations as we waited for our ferry to arrive.

Maurisa and Briana suggested I offer 5 quick tips for logistics of getting to Bald Head Island:

  1. Reserve your ferry and tram tickets early! You can take whatever ferry you want, but you must reserve a time for the tram to take you to your house. Same thing when you leave.
  2. All of your luggage and house items must be in enclosed cases (pack like you are going on a plane).
  3. Each person is allowed six pieces of luggage on the ferry, and all bags must be tagged. You can print your tags at home. Save yourself some stress and tag your bags at home, so you aren’t doing it curbside.
  4. Confirm the amenities at your house. Our house came with beach towels!
  5. Visit the local Super Walmart in Southport for all your cold items (don’t forget your cooler) before you get on the ferry. There is a grocery store on island, Maritime Market, but you will pay a premium for groceries and wine/beer.

The beauty about Bald Head Island is they have this ferry and tram thing down to a science. We were met by a representative from Bald Head Island Vacation Rentals with our house information and directed to our tram. The tram is a tiny truck with people movers pulled behind. Once to the house we were amazed at the view we will have for the week.

What a view.

The house is called Laurie’s Loft because of the loft area in the living room. This house has a reversed floor plan, which means all the bedrooms are on the lower level and the living area and kitchen is upstairs. I would highly recommend this house for 2 families. Great views, a new kitchen, and air conditioning that works. Kiley really loves the loft.

Tomorrow we explore.

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