Vacation can’t come fast enough….

Tomorrow is the big day! 2 reasons why it’s big for my family. The first is we pick up our daughters from camp. They’ve been at camp now for 2 weeks and I must admit it’s been very nice being able to just do whatever we adults want to do, but…its also been very quiet, at least for me. And the second reason is we head to Bald Head Island, North Carolina for 1 week of doing absolutely nothing before the chaos of school begins for us.

Briana and I, along with our dog Kota, plan on hitting the road in the morning before 7am because we have to be at camp at 9am to pick up the girls and to see Sienna’s horse show that she’s been working on. In her camper mail she said she can’t wait for us to see the show.

This is our first time to Bald Head Island. We know several families who go often and love it. The thing about Bald Head Island is you can’t take your vehicle. You park at the ferry terminal, ferry over to the island, and then you drive golf carts that are provided by your rental home. We have 2 and Sienna is super excited to drive one. We’ll have to wait and see how that plays out. What makes this vacation different for us is because of the ferry everything must either be in a suitcase, a cooler, or large plastic bins with a cover.

How many is too many?

I only need a pair of board shorts, a few t-shirts, flip flops, and a hat and I’m good. Oh I forgot, and an ice cold beer. I’m on vacation damn it! But it looks like we’re doomsday preppers. But that’s how we need to pack. The beauty in all of this is once on island I reserved a trolley/tram to pick us up at the dock and take us to the house. So no need to schlep all of our goods.

Once in Southport, North Carolina we will meet up with our vacation partners, the Potts. It’s gonna be a long day but once in the car, I’m on vacation and hopefully all of the day-to-day stresses will just roll away!

Next post Bald Head Island!!!

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1 thought on “Vacation can’t come fast enough….

  1. Have fun!!!!! Please post pictures. You can come make me some doomsday/earthquake prep boxes.


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