Biking, the Masters, and Shopping

The day started with Briana and I taking Kota on his first beach walk. On the boardwalk to cross the dunes we were greeted by a somewhat friendly deer. She was standing maybe 15′ away from us and she was not phased by the dog. We stood and watched as she and her little one kept on moving up the beach grazing on the beach shrubs. We ran into a couple, the first of many, that wanted to stop and meet Kota. I swear by the end of the day I said “if he ends up on the inter webs we better get some residuals” because everyone seemed to be snapping photos of our little pup.

As we made our way over the dune to the sand, Kota was amazed at what was beneath his feet. He seemed excited and wanted to explore his new surroundings. I also think when he saw the large expanse of water he thought to himself “you ain’t bathing me in that, are you?” Once down to the water’s edge he wasn’t sure how to handle the rolling waves constantly coming at him. We walked up the beach to a large tide pool and I tried to convince him to enter the water. First his feet, then with my assistance we managed to get him in so he could swim for the first time.

A man and his dog!

After some more pup & water play time we continued on our morning walk. Once off the beach we walked by some very large oceanfront homes that I might’ve been coveting just a little.

After our walk and back at the house. David and Maurisa were up and started on breakfast. After breakfast we all got dressed and went out on our first bike ride of this vacation. Such a treat to be able to get out and ride as a group, the kids love it, we love it, and we all get some great exercise. Plus we rode the beach on our way home and got some great photos.

Back at the house we made lunch and settled in to see who would win the Masters. Maurisa and I both dozed off listening to the birds of the Masters play over the tv, while Briana and David worked on a puzzle. We were fortunate enough to wake up just in time to witness golf history with Tiger winning his first major in 11 years. Pretty magical I must admit.

Showered and ready to get out of the house, we ventured up to Freshfields Village for some afternoon shopping and some live blues music. This time we brought along Kota and he was a star. He acted like he was on show for all. At one point he had a line waiting to meet him. He loved it!! And yes I was a proud papa. The workers at one store even invited him in so they could meet him. Such a treat for our little pup.

That evening we had dinner at home then afterwards Briana, David, Sienna, Kiley, and I finished a puzzle that our great neighbor Kerry lent us. Gotta love National Lampoons Vacation puzzles.

Next post, Charleston and golf!

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