Kiawah, South Carolina

The car was packed and we rolled out of Northern Virginia at 5:30am. First stop Rocky Mount, North Carolina to meet up with our travel companions the Potts. The drive was a breeze so early in the morning, but the rain made for some tense moments as I attempted to pass large trucks as they were doing 70mph southbound on Interstate 95. With a quick pitstop for coffee in Fredericksburg we pressed on and made it to Rocky Mount, North Carolina at 9:30am.

As we were making our way down south Briana was in constant contact with Maurisa and David. The first text said “Morning. David is working out and I’m about to as well then shower and eating breakfast in the hotel.” Fantastic, we would get there, they would be in their car ready to hit the road. Then almost 2 hours later we receive this text “NO MY HUSBAND is going to another hotel across the street to see if they have a free breakfast bar.” Wait-a-minute, wait-a-minute!!! For those that know Mr. Potts, this is no surprise. His hotel did serve breakfast, just not FREE! Briana and I were dying laughing because we know MTP was fuming as she sat in their hotel and enjoyed her $10 breakfast.

We were on our way with the Potts! After a bit, Kota decided he needed to take a break. So we pulled over into a Burger King lot in Fayetteville, NC. As we were hanging around the back of our Honda Pilot, Kiley decided to take a nature picture with her phone. Not a thing. However while David and I were chatting a female sheriff pulled up, flashed her badge, and offered her Burger King bag to pick up our dog’s poo. David and I were both completely confused by what she was saying. Once we realized, David said, “oh that’s not poop, that’s just 2 frogs humping”. Only in North Carolina! She apologized and drove away.

Back on the road Maurisa asked if we could make a pit stop to the one and only SOUTH OF THE BORDER!!!! America’s favorite highway oasis.

As we were waiting for Maurisa to check out, yes she purchased stuff, we witnessed a man laying on the roof of his truck across the street. By the looks of it, it appeared he had locked his keys in his truck. To be honest, I’ve never seen someone trying to break into their vehicle quit like this. He obviously had his woman with him as she was loitering around his car on her cell phone when the rain began. As I was commentating from our vantage point, she attempted to take shelter in the teepee from the rain. I swear only at South of the Border.

Back on the road we drove straight through. When I saw the welcome sign for North Charleston I knew we were close. We pulled onto Kiawah Island at approximately 4:45pm. We found our cozy little villa, which backs up to the 18th hole of Cougar Point Golf Course.

Once settled we ventured out to Freshfields Village in search for dinner and some groceries. We placed our name on 2 different restaurants but settled on La Tela Pizzeria. Delicious pizza! Oh and we ran into our great friend Jaime Langdon. After dinner the ladies took the kids back to put them to bed while David and I swung by Harris Teeter to pick up the necessities. Once back straight to bed we went. I couldn’t wait to sleep in my California king!

Until tomorrow…bike rides and shopping!

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