Gotta love the airlines

We departed our villa this morning bright and early at 6am for the 3 hour trek to the airport in San Jose. But not before we took 2 final pics of this amazing view. So sad to be leaving this place.

This view will never get old.
Our last attempt of a selfie with the view.

Unfortunately once we arrived we found out our flight home was 3 hours delayed. So what to do when you’re stuck in the airport for hours? You do this!

Kiley representing Metro Lacrosse in front of the sloth with its Santa hat.
This thing is HUGE!

And then we had to embarrass Sienna one last time…

She was not happy about this because so many people were around but hey, we got a smile!

And then it was our turn…

I can’t believe we did this.

The girls were loving the toucan sculptures all over the airport.

And of course eat! Now if only our plane would arrive. I just need to get some sleep tonight because Sienna and I need to leave our house in the morning at 5am for her field hockey tournament.

So remember regardless of where your travels take you, why not just go?

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