Thank You Costa Rica!

Yesterday it was another early morning for us as our guide, Roy, was here promptly at 7:15am to take us to Manual Antonio Nation Park. Roy’s knowledge of the park, animals, and fauna were outstanding. He carried around his Swarovski spotting scope so he could point out animals which we wouldn’t be able to see from the ground. It helped tremendously. We saw bats, sloths, hummingbirds, and of course monkeys stealing food from folks on the beach.

Roy pointing out and using iPhone’s to take pics of the animals up in the canopy.

Several photos from our morning tour.

We witnessed a group of white face capuchin monkeys with several babies attached to their moms, along with others that were grooming one another and just chillin’.

A few more favorites of mine from this trip.

One of Kiley’s favorite.
Bats tucked in nicely under a palm leaf.

And I took the photo of the trip…a hummingbird feeding its baby in the nest that was tucked up underneath a palm frond. I didn’t even know what I was truly taking a photo of until I uploaded it to my laptop. So cool!

Our guide, Roy, pointed out a hummingbird nest with a baby in the nest. So damn cute!

After our morning excursion we came back to the villa and headed straight to lunch at Manual Antonio Falafel Bar. So fresh and probably some of the best falafel we’ve had. Damn, it was delicious.

Then Briana and I spent the rest of the afternoon with the girls at the pool. We spent the evening relaxing.

This morning we woke up later than we have been, much needed for this guy. And after a fresh cup of Costa Rican coffee, Briana I headed out on a morning walk/hike down to the beach.

Once back at the villa Stephen, Briana’s dad, had breakfast ready. Yummy. With bellies full we got ready to hit the beach one last time. Plenty of awesome waves and today had the biggest swells of the week. Such fun! We even enjoyed some frosty beverages on the beach since Tulemar has beach concierges. Such an awesome treat when at the beach.

We then hitched a ride with the Tulemar shuttle to the family pool so we could get one last dip in the pool and try to rinse off all the salt and sand.

We had reservations for dinner this evening at a great little spot here in Manual Antonio called Emilio’s Cafe. Great food and the vibe in this place was perfect. It had Shepard Fairey (Shepard Fairey is an American contemporary street artist, graphic designer, activist, and illustrator who made the now famous Obama ‘Hope’ poster) posters hanging and jazz playing in the background, plus an amazing view of the sunset.

When we arrived back to our villa we had a special treat waiting for us from our amazing concierge, Ashley. Home made brownies! They were so delicious and such a great way to end our last day here in Costa Rica.

If you ever want to come to Costa Rica and stay in Manual Antonio I would highly recommend staying here at Tulemar and if you do ask for Ashley Ramirez to be your concierge. She has made this trip magical for all. As they say here in Costa Rica ‘Pura Vida’!

So remember regardless of where your travels take you, why not just go?

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