Zip Lining OH MY!!!!

Yesterday we had a very early start to our day as we had to be up and ready for our 7:40am pickup for zip lining. HOLY COW!!!! Our driver Albert was amazing, so knowledgable about Cost Rica, and he knows everything there is to know about birds, he even carries a huge camera in his van just in case he sees something interesting!

We booked our adventure with Sky Adventures, mainly because it had the highest and longest lines in the country.

Once checked in, bags secured in our locker, and all geared up, we were escorted to the waiting area for the gondola to take us up the mountain. I must say our little wee one was extremely frightened at this point. But she’s a strong one and was committed.

Which way do we go?

This place has a total of seven lines, with the first one being a very short, let’s get you comfortable run and show you how to break before sending you out 400+’ over the valley floor. Easy enough. It was nothing compared to the second run.

WOW that’s high!

WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! I apologize for what you might’ve heard on that video but holy cow, that was amazing! Once on the next platform I waited for Briana and the girls, and to my amazement, here comes a tandem! Sienna in the lead with Kiley wrapped around her. Who knew they would let them ride together. It really helped them both overcoming their fears.

Here she goes!

Here’s some more videos of our amazing morning and would I recommend it….ABSOLUTELY! This is a must do! Plus safety is first here. But I would recommend you book your reservation early in the morning because they get busy and the lines can get long.

The girls riding tandem and then I take the leap.

After our morning zip lining adventure we headed back to our Nature Lodge for a more relaxed afternoon with a coffee/organic farm tour followed by a chocolate making workshop. During the coffee/organic farm tour we crushed sugar cane and made a delicious sugarcane drink and finished it off with a toast of sugarcane moonshine.

The chocolate making workshop was awesome. I had no idea what cacao fruit even looked like. I initially thought it was some sort of papaya. But nope, that’s where chocolate comes from. Kiley chose heart shaped molds for our chocolates that we were able to take back with us. Some with sea salt, some with sprinkles, and some with coffee. Delicious!

More photos from our workshop…

We finished the day off with some lounging in the warm side of the pool with the girls then dinner, followed by showers and straight to bed.

We even had a pair of Keel-billed Toucans watching over us.

Today we leave this lovely little piece of heaven in the mountains and head south to Manuel Antonio.

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