Pedal Boarding Lake Arenal

This morning I woke up bright and early at 5:30am to blog and just chill on our front porch. The sound of the birds and wildlife here are amazing. Briana and I were about to take an early morning stroll but Kiley said she wanted to go. You would never know it by the look on her face below. She managed to get herself together and we ventured out to check out the property. The fauna here is absolutely stunning. The plantains and pineapples that are grown here are utilized in the restaurant.

I wanna go!

A few more pics from our morning stroll….

A quick photo of our tree house.

After our walk we swung by our treehouse to grab Sienna, who was still asleep, so we could grab some breakfast. I have to say the food here is exceptional. Limited menu but well worth it! After several more cups of coffee we went back to our room so we could all change and go jump in the pool. This resort has 2 pools, side-by-side, 1 side is hot and the other side is cold. The girls and I swam for a couple of hours before we needed to get ready for the first excursion of our trip. Pedal boarding on Lake Arenal.

Our departure time was set for 12:45 and our ride/guide was here right on time for the 1 hour car ride to Lake Arenal. Lake Arenal is currently the largest lake in Costa Rica at 85 square km or 33 square miles. Its depth varies between 30 and 60 meters or 100–200 feet depending of the season. On our way to the lake we happened upon a mother sloth and her baby just hanging out for onlookers to take their photo.

It was as if she was posing for this photo.

Along the way we also encountered Costa Rica’s version of the raccoon,  the Coatis. These tropical raccoons are reddish brown with dark faces and long tails. These social animals are extremely active during the day and are not shy at all.

They were waiting for us to hand out some food.

Once at the lake we were all fired with lifejackets, given a quick tutorial on how to pedal and steer the pedal board, and then off we went. Four total miles, two out two back with a stop in the middle for some of the best pineapple I’ve ever had. Mairon, our guide with Pedal Board Costa Rica, was the best guide we could ever ask for. I can’t say enough good things about him. His knowledge of the lake and the area on our way to and from made for a great excursion. Absolutely a must if you come to Costa Rica. He made my day when he had some ice cold cervesas waiting for us after the long pedal back. Unfortunately we didn’t get any pics with our cameras but Mairon took a bunch and once received I will post some.

Once back at our Nature Lodge we quickly showered so we could meet up with Briana’s parents for dinner. I had no clue I was that hungry but boy I put back some food.

Today we venture out early to probably the scariest excursion of this trip. Zip lining. Fingers crossed all goes well!

Until then!

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