Diver Ed’s Dive-In Theater

Saturday morning the gang was all up and ready to venture out to the College of the Atlantic where we would be meeting the boat for Diver Ed’s Dive-In Theater. I don’t think the adults in our group thought much about this outing except for maybe gaining a little knowledge on the local marine ecology. BOY WAS I WRONG!


Once we boarded and were on our way out into Frenchman Bay Diver Ed walked around and introduced himself and said welcome aboard. He reminded me a little of Carl the groundskeeper from Caddyshack. Then he began to put on a drysuit, which is much needed attire when diving in 52 degree water. The kids loved the theatrics with which he put the drysuit on. Once fully dressed with all his dive equipment on he made his way to the back of the boat where he had all the kids pushed him overboard.

Diver Ed was able to communicate via an underwater communication full face dive mask. He also took a video camera with light so that the images he was seeing were presented to us, top side, onto a large flat screen HD television. Diver Ed, down approximately 60′, was communicating back to us while his wife, Captain Evil, was narrating to the boat what he’s doing and communicating with Diver Ed.

Diver Ed with a lobster on his face.

After being down on the bottom for approximately 20 minutes he brought several types of marine life back to the surface for all to see. Once top side he put all his findings into two different touch tanks and invited all to come up and touch, hold, and even kiss.

This was by far one of the highlights of our trip for everyone involved. Diver Ed is absolutely hilarious and knows how to get the audience involved. This excursion was so entertaining for the entire family! Plus they have a 3 year old Newfoundland pup named Nori and all the kids and adults LOVED her. This is a must do if you’re ever in Bar Harbor. Reservations are a must due to its popularity.

Once back at the house we said our goodbyes to our friends Amy and Rick as they had a 12 hour road trip back to Niagara-on-the-lake. The afternoon was spent packing, shopping, and lounging around the house until dinner time. We planned for a somewhat early dinner as Kate and Russ had a 7:20am flight from Bangor, Maine and needed to be out of the house by 5:00am. We gave Geddy’s a try. You can’t miss the restaurant, it has a huge moose on top of it all lit up with Christmas lights. This is a great family friendly restaurant and has food for everyone. The decor is quit eclectic and fun on the inside. Just make sure you get here prior to 6pm or you’ll have a long wait.

There’s the moose!

After dinner we walked around town one last evening before retiring to the house and finalizing our packing for our 6:30am departure for Newport, Rhode Island.

Next stop Newport…and remember folks, just get out and go.

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