Cadillac Mountain & Ocean Path

The Friday morning wake up call was a bright and early one at 3:55am for a 4:15am departure time to summit Cadillac Mountain to witness the earliest sunrise on the east coast. With an elevation of 1,530 feet, its summit is the highest point in Hancock County. We arrived early enough that we were able to find parking, jumped out and off we went in search of the perfect spot for our party of 14 in the dark. We found the perfect spot and then we waited. Such an amazing view! This is a MUST do if you make the trip up to Acadia.

First picture high above Bar Harbor.
Panoramic action.


There she is.
Looks fake.

Time-lapse of the sunrise:


After witnessing such a beautiful sunrise we came back down to the house, some took a quick cat nap, grabbed breakfast and then we were heading back out to hike the Ocean Path. Ocean Path is a family-friendly trail that follows a stretch of coastline between Sand Beach and Otter Point. Along this hike you will encounter Sand Beach, Thunder Hole, Monument Cove, and Otter Cliff. Unfortunately we were late and didn’t witness Thunder Hole going off. Maybe next time. This is a mostly flat hike and great for families. Its a 4 mile hike round-trip, out and back, and takes approximately 2 to 3 hours depending how much shoreline you want to explore.

I love my family.

More photos from Ocean Path:

And a few more:

The crazy thing about Sand Beach is that the water temperature was 55 degrees and people were actually swimming. CRAZY! And at that temperature it only takes 10 – 15 minutes before dexterity loss sets in without any protective clothing. This hike is a must do however you should arrive early because this is one of the most popular hikes in the whole park and gets extremely busy and parking is limited.

Exhausted, we headed back to town for lunch at Pat’s Pizza. Then back to the house for some much needed rest. Later that afternoon the adults decided to take in some libations at Atlantic Brewing Company.

image1 (15)

Our outing started with Mr. Potts trying to walk through a plate glass door/window with a huge BANG and then all of us acting like we didn’t know who he was and running by him, leaving him standing there by himself. The best part was when a total stranger sitting at a table near by could be heard saying “OH NO!”. We laughed so hard we were crying, especially when Amy described it as “David was standing in the corner wrestling with the door.” We were laughing uncontrollably and I’m sure everyone in the place was ready for us to leave. And we hadn’t even started drinking yet. Then there was us trying to take a group photo when the sun was shining directly in my face. I specifically asked “ok, you count to 3 and I’ll open my eyes.” Instead, with my eyes shut, I hear “did you open your eyes?” NO, no I didn’t, I was waiting for 3! We were an absolute mess trying to get our picture. Here is an outtake:

1…2…wait, did you open your eyes? NO, I was waiting for 3!


Now to the tasting….Rick, David, and I all got the flight of 5 non-IPA beers. Every single one had a skunked smell and taste. The weird thing is I’ve been drinking Atlantic beer all week on tap and they all tasted pretty good. Not sure what to make of the beers from the brewery, except I did not like a single one. Did I finish the flight? Absolutely! Would I recommend the flight? Probably not, but you be the judge.

After our flop of beer tasting we headed back to the house to pick up the kiddos and head back out for some ice cream, maybe a smokey old fashion in there for some of the adults, and a little shopping. Back to the house, the kiddos went to bed and the adults enjoyed another drink and partook in Maurisa’s seaweed facials. Damn it was funny. I looked like the Jolly Green Giant. We laughed so damn hard that we were afraid our faces would crack.

image2 (13)

Off to bed we went because we had a 9:20am reservation for Dive-In Theater with Diver Ed.

More to come so stay tuned and remember just get out and go.


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