Jordan Pond, Bubble Rock, & Popovers!

Yesterday we departed the house promptly at 8:35am for an easy stroll around Jordan Pond. Absolute picturesque! Jordan Pond is a glacier formed tarn (small mountain lake) with a maximum water depth of 150 feet. There are steep inclines on the left and right sides. The water is exceptionally clear with an average visibility depth of 46 feet, which has been measured as high as 60 feet. We started our hike off heading east around the lake stopping for several photo ops.

A view of Bubble Rock in the background.

This gentle “FAMILY” stroll around the lake was about to get just a little bit more difficult, thanks to Rick.

“It’s only .4MI to the summit”

If the day wasn’t hot enough already, this trail cooked us. With a small elevation gain of only 534′, but straight up at some points really had our thighs burning. Only five (of twelve of us) of us did this hike, David, Rick, Briana, me, and our fearless Kiley!

Our trail guide on our way up.

We had to stop several times on our way up to allow our legs to calm down before proceeding.

The hardest part about this hike was the hand-over-hand bouldering. Plus one of us is extremely afraid of heights, so this made for some interesting stops along the way. And possibly hugging the rock face.

This could be the rock face.

However once above the tree line, the views were simply AMAZING!



Before we hiked back down, the easier way, we had to take the token picture of Bubble Rock.


Finally back down to the Jordan Pond loop, we hustled back to catch up with the rest of the group to grab us some Popovers. Along the way David and I had to stop to take a few pictures of what we had just accomplished.


Back at Jordan Pond House Restaurant, Amy had a table waiting for us, and our tired legs needed a break. Plus some ice cold water!!! We placed our order of Popovers, and once on the table, deliciousness ensued. Holy Cow these things were good. AND HUGE!

Popover with a blueberry soda. YUMMM!

After lunch we headed back to the house so Briana, Amy, and Kate could catch up with a childhood friend who came into town for the day. And then someone turned up the heat!!! Up here in Maine the houses don’t have A/C and neither do most retail establishments. The only reprieve from the oppressive heat was to walk to the grocery store, lay down in the aisle, or climb in the ice cooler. So we spent the rest of the evening on our front porch, sipping on Maurisa’s famous sangria and trying to stay cool.

Wednesday, golf outing to the 8th oldest golf course in the country and swimming at Echo Lake.

Remember folks, just get out and go!




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1 thought on “Jordan Pond, Bubble Rock, & Popovers!

  1. My parents know those popovers! They’ve brought me back Jordon’s blueberry muffin mix! Love all the hiking pics.


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