Bar Island…

Monday morning we woke to a beautiful morning. Briana and I were the first ones up and we enjoyed a nice cup of coffee on the front porch while the humming birds danced around the flowers. We took a nice morning stroll to check out the Bar Harbor Shore Path. Beautiful homes right on the water with amazing views.

The only thing we had on tap for Monday was to have a leisurely day and visit Bar Island. The island access is directly across the street from us and the kids were super excited to check it out. Maurisa, on the other hand, not so much. She kept mumbling something about a Tsunami would take us away or something like that. At low tide, the island becomes accessible by foot or by an all terrain type vehicle across a natural gravel land bridge.

Bar Island in the background.

The kids threw on their bathing suits and we were off. The tidal pools were teaming with life. From fish to starfish. And plenty of crabs! It was such a cool experience to see such eco diversity once the tide was out.

The kids witnessed seagulls eating starfish, crabs, and a sea cucumber. Pretty interesting stuff.


Here’s a gallery of pics from our excursion.

We eventually made our way back to the house so we could all quickly change and hit Side Street Cafe which is known for offering the largest Lobster Roll on the island. Pretty tasty but pricey for lunch. But as you can tell by the video below, someone was REALLY enjoying her lobster.

Later that afternoon Briana and I made a quick run to the grocery store for some Taco Salad makings and for a easy night of relaxation. Unfortunately, shortly after, my little man “D” went down hard with some sort of stomach bug and spent part of the evening in the ER. Once back at home we settled in for some drinks on the porch and a few rounds of pool in the billiards room.

Next update later today, all about Jordan Pond and Bubble Rock.

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