And We’re Off!

Here we go again. Another exciting road trip, just like the Griswolds, minus a trip to Wally World and possibly jail.

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With the car packed, why so many bags for 4 people, and the girls ready…we were off!

We are not going back to Bonaire.

We left Vienna, VA at 7:30pm and instantly hit beltway (495) traffic. Insert my ANXIETY! Once out of the DC area it was smooth sailing north via Interstate 95N. Just before we hit the Jersey Turnpike WAZE (LOVE YOU WAZE!) advised us of an 11 minute delay on the Turnpike. As we approached traffic was at a standstill, the highway alert signs were flashing “Turnpike shutdown due to an accident.” WAZE quickly redirected us around the mess and we kept right on truckin’.

Our final destination for the evening was a Homewood Suites by Hilton in Hamilton, NJ. Why New Jersey you might ask? I wanted to break up the drive from Vienna to Bean Town and this guy wasn’t staying ONE night in Newark or Trenton. So Hamilton it is.

We pulled into the hotel parking lot at 11pm. Schlepped our bags into the lobby. Check-in was a breeze, up to the 4th floor, to a room right outside the elevators (gotta love that). Since these rooms are suites you walk into the kitchen/living room area with a door into the bedroom. The girls looked in and saw only one bed. They both ask “where are we sleeping?” I quickly respond “the sofa is a pullout.” And with that response this was the aftermath:

image2 (3)
Who is this child?

One very pissed off 13 year old. A quick glance and I thought I was looking at Grumpy Cat. Plus I’m sure my laughing didn’t help the situation. But all was ok once they finally realized the room had 2 queen beds. Quickly to bed we all went so we can get an early start so we can have the afternoon in Boston/Cambridge.

Stay tuned…


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