La Sportiva Wildcat 2.0 GTX Trail Running Shoe

A year ago while preparing for our trip out to Yellowstone I knew we needed a few items for our trip. I peeked my head into our local REI store, which turned out to be a pricey trip. I quickly began chatting with a very knowledgable gentleman in the shoe department. If I remember correctly I believe his first question was “what do you currently wear?” and my response was “well I own a pair of ASICS running shoes, does that count?”, and since I knew we would be doing some serious hiking, I began looking into hiking shoes. What I didn’t know, but soon found out, was the large selection I had to chose from, from ultralight trail shoes to mountaineering boots. The one thing I did know is that I would be hiking with my family and that I wouldn’t climbing Everest so no need for a mountaineering boot. And that narrowed my selection down to trail runner’s.

After trying on several shoes I ended up with the La Sportiva Wildcat 2.0 GTX Trail Shoe. This shoe is by far the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn. I’m not a long distance hiker, more like a weekend warrior, but I have put approximately 100 miles on these shoe’s. From the Badlands, Devil’s Tower, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, even city hiking from Seattle to San Francisco. Given that these shoes have a stretch Gore-Tex extended comfort lining, its waterproof and breathability makes for very happy feet. So if your in the market for comfortable, dry, and breathable trail shoes this shoe is for you.

Still look brand new.

Keep hiking my friends…..why not just go!

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