Day 5: Yachats, Oregon to Crescent City, California

We loved our little piece of heaven on the Oregon coast so much so that we didn’t depart until 10:45am from Yachats. Which is actually pronounced YAH-hots. This place was magical and believe it or not back in 2011, the founder of Frommer’s Travel Guides, listed Yachats number seven among his ten favorite vacation destinations in the world. A must see!

We would’ve stayed forever!

Once back on the 101 we started seeing signs for Heceta Head Lighthouse. Now we didn’t stop at the lighthouse. We proceeded on until we reached the next overlook. And wow! How impressive and its still operational. If you look closely you can see the light.

Heceta Head Light House.

Back on the road our next stop was Sea Lion’s Cave. We weren’t too sure how cheesy this place was gonna be but we were pleasantly surprised. Its a natural cave that you descend down an elevator into the cave. I felt a little uneasy about this because just above the where you purchase tickets was this sign:

Basically in case of an earth quake, the cave could collapse.

What is so fascinating by this place is that the sea lions stay in the cave for the winter up until about April and then they move out to see to feed then return to the cliffs outside of the cave. I will say the smell is a little overwhelming and Kiley and Sienna said “it smells like the Public Market in Seattle”. Not sure if I agree on that one but point taken.



There were literally hundreds of sea lions and even pups. If in the area its worth the time and money to take a quick peek. You also get another vantage point of the light house.

The day started off misty, breezy, and damp. However the further we made it down the coast the sun came out and made for a beautiful day. Our next stop was another overlook that had a Whale Watcher Volunteer. This volunteer pointed out several gray whales and educated us on how a baby grey whale when born approximately 6′ long. And on their journey back up the coast from Baja to Alaska they grow 8′ in about 2 months.

Back in the car we drove for several hours, the road going from the coast more inland and back out to the coast until we came upon the Oregon Dunes. We made a quick pit stop to take a few photos of the dunes and of the beach.

Our next stop was by far the highlight of our day. Battle Rock in Port Orford, Oregon. This place was amazing, with a walk through cave, surfers, and a ton of sea life all over the rocks.


I love this picture!


Back in the car and almost to Cali we stopped for one more photo op.

I can’t get enough of this coast line.

And we finally made it! Only 20 more minutes to Crescent City, California. This is where Johnny Cash spent some time in 1968 in Folsom Prison and wrote his famous Johnny Cash in Folsom Prison Live.

We made it!

Unfortunately Kiley was done!


And tomorrow we meet up with the Jones family in Eureka, California.

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