Day 2 in Seattle…

Day 2 in Seattle started off a little slow for me and the kiddos. Once out of the hotel room we did a little shopping for daddy, with stops at Carhartt, Arc’teryx, then Dr. Marten’s. But I didn’t purchase anything. Then we ventured, once again, back down to the Pike Place Market to wait in line for more Piroshky Piroshky. Man we couldn’t get enough of this place. Just pure goodness. With piroshkies in hand we waited in the crazy long line at the original Starbucks so the girls could purchase a mug of their own and some coffee. This might turn into a bad coffee habit the older they get.

After some last minute photo ops at Pike Place Market we made our way back to the hotel to meet up with mommy.


Girls enjoying their ‘Bucks in front of the original store.

Our next  adventure was a trip up the Space Needle but not before a walk through the Chihuly Garden and Glass, by way of monorail. Unfortunately the Space Needle is under construction so for the cost and the wait to get up the tower, it was so not worth it. However, the Chihuly Garden was absolutely amazing. A MUST MUST SEE! And the glass blowing demonstration was fascinating.

Kiley’s masterpiece!
Chihuly Garden and Glass
And here we are!

We finished the evening with dinner at a Tap House Grill. Which had well over 160 beers on tap, crazy large dungeon type restaurant in a basement of a building. But the food was pretty good.

Tomorrow….off to Portland!

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