Day 1 in Seattle…

We woke to a lovely brisk and rainy morning. Briana had to be out early to attend her conference while the girls and I started our adventure down to Pike Place Market. Our first stop, of course, was Starbucks for a little bite to eat and Kiley had to try the special, a Crystal Ball Frap with Glitter. Just a tad bit to sweet for me. Then we made out way down to the Seattle Aquarium. But not before we ventured through the famous Post Alley.


This alley is famous for the gum wall. This is a must see. Pretty damn cool with street art through out the gum. Kiley couldn’t wait to add her piece to the art, as she called it.

I’ll put it right here!

Our next stop was the Seattle Aquarium. For a small aquarium it was worth every penny. The girls loved all the touch pools. This is where you can touch anemone’s and sea urchins. They also had 2 HUGE octopuses. My favorite were the sea otters. And the moon jellies are always kinda trippy.

Large touch tank.
Dude was awesome.
So damn cute!

After the aquarium we needed to grab a bite to eat and Briana recommended this place. Just look for the large line stretching out into the street. Piroshky Piroshky. OH MY! This is must have if ever in the city. It reminded me of Pure Pasty back at home in Vienna, but 1000% better.

Look for the sign along with the line.
The girls loved it so much that we had to make another trip back.

After lunch we made our way back to the hotel to chill for a little bit and wait for Briana so we could go to dinner. I had made a reservation for sushi at this place called Wasabi. This restaurant is in a hip section of town called Belltown. With hip tattoo parlors to great restaurants this place reminded me of a nicer Georgetown. Wasabi the restaurant had amazing sushi and great ramen.

On our walk back we made a detour to the water front for some great photo ops.

Giant piggy bank.
Seattle’s famous Public Market.

Tomorrow a visit to Chihuly and the Space Needle.

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  1. Can I travel with you guys?


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