Really Mother Nature, Really?

Tomorrow at this time, the girls and I are suppose to be flying over the middle part of the country to meet up with Briana in Seattle for Spring Break. However, mother nature has decided to take a huge DUMP right on the metro DC area and it looks nothing like SPRING! Where have you been all Winter? And on the first day of Spring, really? This is what I’m up against for tomorrow’s 6:15PM flight out of Dulles International Airport. Will it be cancelled?

image (37)

After many many weeks, possibly months, of preparations and packing, our Spring Break officially starts tomorrow evening for us. I’ve got my camera all cleaned and prepped, all our clothes packed. And now we just need Mother Nature to cooperate, just a little. This morning I dropped Briana off at the airport and man I wish I captured this on video. See Briana was telling me all last night and even this morning that our large suitcase was well over 50lbs, and me being me, kept saying “nnoooo, maybe 45lbs, doesn’t feel as heavy as a 50lb dumbbell”. So off to the airport we go. I pull up curbside, we both jump out, I grab her bag, give her a kiss goodbye, and just as I’m about to jump back in the car she turns and says “let me just check the weight before you pull away”. This is when I had a flash back of Lloyd Christmas from “Dumb and Dumber”.


Briana’s bag weighed in at 53lbs, that’s 3lbs over, if it was me I would’ve just payed the  $100 overage charge and been on my way. But not Briana. As I sat in the car I witnessed her yanking clothes out, then weighing it again. After 2 or 3 tries she finally made it! 50lbs even. She ran me out a pair of jeans, and 3 long sleeve shirts for me to pack and bring with me. Looked comical I tell ya.

Well off to bed and try to get some sleep and hopefully I’ll wake up to just a dusting and once again prove all our weather experts wrong. They’re always wrong when schools are canceled the night before. Wish me luck!

Next stop Seattle, Washington!

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