The 101…

Spring Break 2018 is quickly approaching and where are we going, you ask? Over the past few years we were spending our spring breaks in Hilton Head, South Carolina, which we LOVE! But, we’ve been promising our great friends, Jill and Mark, that we would visit them in San Francisco, where they live. This year we are making it a reality. We’re just not flying into San Francisco, though, that would be too boring for this cross-country adventurous family! So we’re starting this adventure in Seattle and making that drive via Highway 101 all the way down to San Francisco.

Plane tickets purchased.

Our itinerary is already set with hotel rooms booked along the way. We’ll begin by spending a few days in Seattle, Washington to explore what the city has to offer. Then off we go, first stop Portland, Oregon…Yachats, Oregon…..Crescent City, California…..Fort Bragg, California….and ending Wednesday at Jill and Mark’s house.

Stay tuned!

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