Day 2 In Park City…

Once again, day 2 started off later than expected (we stayed up too late listening to PJ’s stories, totally worth it!). The kids (and dads) were feeling the effects of day 1. The sun was out, the sky was bright, and it was a tad bit warmer than the day before.

My baby girls waiting in line.

First run up was not the best for the kids. Saturday mornings here in Park City have several races from local clubs taking place. The lower half of the mountain was very busy. On our first run Kiley was taken out by a grown ass man trying to learn to snowboard. He and his wife were very apologetic but that accident made Kiley very leery of the crowds.

We proceeded up the mountain to take a run on their favorite “Homerun.” You could tell on this run that all the kids legs were either tired or very sore from the day before. A little wobbly, not looking over their shoulder down the mountain, and not carving very well. They were also done listening to my directions. David and I decided they should try a blue run on the next lift, called “Payday.” This run was quiet, wide open, and steep. The top portion of this run is sort of flat and the trail drops away from right to left. To the right are trees, to the left are 3 double black diamonds. David, Derek, and Sienna had enough speed to make it by the “cliff” as Kiley called them. Kiley did not and gravity kept pulling her closer and closer to the edge. I was approximately 50 yards ahead of her at this point and yelled up to here to unclip and walk to me. Once she got to me she just fell into my arms and said “I thought I was going over the cliff.” This broke my heart and I promised I would never leave her. With tears running down her face she composed herself and continued down “Payday.” The kids managed this run very well given how steep it was. At one point the ski team came flying by at a blistering pace, probably 45/50mph, and this is when my H Town attitude came out out and I started throwing out some serious obscenities telling them to slow the hell down. Once at the bottom we met up with Briana and Maurisa for some lunch.

The kids were so tired they said one more run and then they were done. So David and I took them back up to do “Homerun” and they ROCKED IT!!!!

Kiley was so pumped.
Kiley showing her strength.
Me helping K with her binding.
Sienna saying “really mom”.


After “Homerun,” David and I handed the kids over to Maurisa and Briana and we went straight up to the summit. Without kids, we let it run from top to bottom without stopping, legs burning.

David in front of Miners Camp.

We ripped it up til the bitter end. Lifts close at 4pm, just in time because my legs were done. On our final run back down to the base, we went through a gate that said “Past this point is no EASY way down.” Only single and double black diamonds from this point on.

A view with a cliff.

I looked back at David and waved us on. I came to the edge of a run called “Shaft” and I just dropped in and the snow was so soft. I bombed this run all the way to the bottom. I turned and looked up and David was ripping it just as hard. It was awesome!!!! A top to bottom run with zero stops. Total leg burner.

Back at the house, we decided to order in from Sammy’s Bistro, then a quick trip to Main Street in search of shirts for the kids. Kiley was successful but we are still on the look out for Sienna. With it being the last night of Sundance it was poppin’.

The famed Egyptian Theater.

Such a great little town! And Briana loves all the lights.

And today we take the kids all the way to the top! Last day so lets make it count.

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