Day 3 Was Simply Amazing!!!!

WOW!!!! We hit the slopes at 9:30am this morning and made our way up. The kids were slightly nervous but they all got a great night of sleep, so they were ready to make the best of the last day. We jumped right on the Crescent Express lift then over to Bonanza Express to go straight to the top.

Everyone looking all kinds of happy this morning.

I can’t say enough how different today was from yesterday. At some points we were the only ones on the slope. The kids blew my mind today! They were absolutely ripping it and having so much fun, as you can tell by the smiles in the photo below.

Future olympians.

We ripped out about 5 runs before hitting up lunch at Miners Camp for some chicken tenders and fries, and maybe a snickers. Then headed right back out, but not before taking some photos on the deck.

Kiley being Kiley!!! But look at that view.

We then headed right back up the Silverlode lift to bomb the mountain a few more times before heading back down to meet up with their mommas.

Waiting in line.

This whole weekend Kiley has been on me about taking my cell phone out of my pocket and taking pics while on the lift. She was concerned about me dropping it. And as you can tell by the look of her face and arms crossed she was not happy.


Once at the top the kids weren’t very happy with David and I as we made them stand in front of the trail map so we could take some pics.

Where we going now?

My babies getting ready for another bomb run!

Kiley waiting for daddy.
Sienna waiting for daddy as well.

So here’s where I got a big kick in the family jewels. While boarding with the kiddos, Briana sent the pic pic below. WTH? Are you chillin’ at High West Distillery without me? So not cool, but I hope you enjoyed it.

Briana enjoying her rye in front of the fire pit.

We made our way back down to resort center so the moms could take the kiddos shirt shopping. David and I took another ride to the world’s only ski in distillery, High West. We were unable to drink at the bar due to a huge line, so I grabbed a bottle of Rendezvous Rye (yes, I paid for it!), threw it in my back pack and made our way back up via the town lift.

Briana being my hand model.

Then back home to relax, have a nice cold beer, then pack. Very sad to be leaving here at 4am tomorrow but not sure if my body could handle another full day of boarding.

I would “HIGHLY” recommend this destination for a family ski vacation. From our condo which I rented via Vacation Rentals Park City , Three Kings Condo #8, with only a 5 minute walk to the lift and right on the bus route. Park City Ski Resort probably has the nicest people I’ve ever encountered while on the slopes and are so gracious with kids.

Such an amazing view!
Couldn’t have asked for better weather than this.

And our next adventure is… stay tuned!

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