Day 1 Down…

Today I thought we would hit the slopes right at 9am, but that was a negative, batman. Instead we were on the first lift at 9:45am. The first run was a little frustrating Kiley, but she just needed to get her legs under her. The day couldn’t have been any better… okay maybe if lunch hadn’t been $70 for three people.

Kiley enjoying her quesadilla.
Sienna and I ready to head back out.

Afterward, we geared back up and headed back up the mountain to the summit house, this time further up the mountain. The kids shredded it, with snow falling and perfect conditions, it was amazing for the kids to gain their confidence. After a 3.55 mile run, the kids were done and we made our way home at 3pm.

I love this pic.

We met the ladies back at our place and they were out waiting for our arrival to take plenty of pics. Once all our gear was off, we relaxed until we left for dinner (with Briana’s dad’s best friend, PJ, who lives here in Park City). Maurisa called for our Lyft and our driver arrived promptly at 5:45pm. He was super friendly, opened the doors for us, and chatted the whole way to PJs.  He loved his Toyota Sequoia so much (which he needs for his 5 kids!), he was soft selling the new version to Maurisa!

We arrived at PJ’s, had amazing drinks, food, and great conversation. Oh the stories. Such a great evening! One Briana will surely remember. The kids were done and passed out on the couch and so we hailed Lyft once again and this time, we laughed the whole ride home about how Maurisa’s feets were swollen. Don’t ask why, cause I couldn’t even begin to understand why (perhaps it was the treacherous day of shopping).

Day 2 here we come…..

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