Well, We Made It…

After a 4 hour flight into Denver, CO, with a 45 minute layover, we made it! What I will say is I HATE United Airlines. How dare they charge $7.99, PER SCREEN, to watch tv/movies. And I wasn’t having it. Thank goodness for downloaded content via Netflix. Which kept my little babies occupied for most of the flight. And yes they wanted to sit next to their daddy on the flight. Ok that’s a lie….it’s because Briana hates to fly so she sat across the aisle from me.

image1 (4)
God I love these two!

After gathering our bags, our driver Jose from M & L Park City Shuttle, was there waiting for us. Once packed in the van we were off. Oh and did I say it was snowing? The drive coming up into the mountains was a little hairy. This picture doesn’t do it justice.

image2 (4)
It was dumping!!!!

It’s funny because they were only calling for 1″ but received 5″. Can’t wait to hit the fresh!!!! We arrived at our place, and it is awesome.

After hanging out for a little and unpacking, and maybe David and I throwing back a beer, we heading out in search of dinner. My father-in-law’s best friend lives here in town and recommended a great restaurant for us. Which I highly recommend!!! The Eating Establishment.

Great restaurant.
My big girl is getting too big!

Just a cool little place. A must do if you’re in town. By 9pm the kids were done, but we had to hit the liquor store to pick up some wine on our way home. And the bus system here in town can be a little confusing but David and I managed to make it to Fresh Market are we sent the ladies and kids back to the house to put the kids to bed.

Today will be exhausting but I can’t wait to see how excited the kids will be making turns in real snow.

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