The Day Is Finally Here…

The day has finally arrived and I can’t be more excited. Ok, for those who know me I’ve been have some major anxiety over prepping for this trip. But now that we are here and settled in at Dulles International Airport, I can finally breath and let it all go. We were up early this morning trying to pack some last minute items and giving our Gracie loves. Our RedTop cab, a van actually, arrived promptly at 9:30am and we were off to the airport.

image1 (3)
Briana looks excited, Kiley crazed, and Sienna – well we can’t tell if she’s asleep or just didn’t want to look excited.

Check in was a breeze. We flew through security and got a great seat next to a charging station at our gate.

image2 (3)
And yes I’m using it, but I am shocked they haven’t started to charge for this.

Now as I write this we’re waiting for the Potts to arrive. Our flight doesn’t start boarding until 12:00 but we’re here and the girls are running from store to store with excitement. But not after they hit up the Starbucks, which is directly across our gate as you can see from the picture above. And yes Briana got her and I quote “a delicious chai”.

Next stop Denver, CO with a short 45 minute layover. Fingers crossed we make our connection and hopes our bags make our final destination…PARK CITY, UTAH!!!!!

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