Its been a while since my last travel post but we’ve been busy getting back into the swing of things with school, work, and sports. However, our next travel destination is set and I can’t wait. And where might you ask?

image1 (1)

Trail map of Park City.


The last few years I’ve been making the pilgrimage out west with the fella’s for some big mountain riding but this time it’s with the family. As you can tell I’ve already started packing. With t-minus 10 days until lift off, my anxiety level is through the roof. My wife keeps telling me to calm down, we have plenty of time, and yes… I know this, but my mind won’t let me chill. But anyway…


Let the packing commence.

Today was spent gathering all our hard and soft goods. Making the necessary adjustments to bindings and boots. And mapping out how to pack for 3 snowboarders for our flight to Salt Lake City. I still need to wax all the boards then pack them nice and tight in our board bags with hopes that they make it to Utah with us. YOU NEVER KNOW!!!

From this point on I’ll be doing my SNOW dance around the house with the hope of some serious deep snow for Utah, especially Park City.

I’ll be posting updates as the days tick down to our departure.