On Our Way to Old Faithful Inn

July 21 – This morning we checked out of Lake Yellowstone Hotel and said goodbye to our little yellow cabins in the woods and began our journey over to the southwest part of the park with a two-night stay in Old Faithful Inn. As we departed our hotel, we ran into some crazy fog all along the river which covered the road. It was a must stop for some great photo opportunities.

Morning fog

Our daily hike began with a 2 mile hike out to Point Sublime. This hike begins at Artist’s Point (yes, we went back) and continues past the overlook. This hike is not for someone with a fear of heights. MTP bagged this one because she was exhausted and decided to sleep in the car. The hike began somewhat easy, but then the path took us within a foot of the cliff, with a drop to the bottom of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. The kids did great on this hike and I couldn’t have been more excited to be able to experience all of this with them. 

Point Sublime (almost) in all her glory!

We almost made it to the very end of Sublime Point but other hikers said the views were better 10 minutes from the point itself. Once again this is a MUST do hike.

The family and I standing at the rim of canyon.

We made our way to Old Faithful Inn by way of Norris and Madison Junction. We stopped by the Norris Geyser Basin and fortunately found parking (I would recommend going early or later in the afternoon.  We arrived at peak time, around 11:30am). Once out walking on the boardwalks, it didn’t feel so crowded. The Norris Geyser Basin has the world’s tallest active geyser (Steamboat Geyser) which can reach heights of more than 300′. However, the last eruption was September 3rd, 2014. Get here early to avoid trying to find a parking spot.

We stopped for a small picnic in Madison Junction. Once again PB&J’s and some fruit. On our way to Old Faithful Inn, the road ran along side the Firehole River. We came upon a swimming hole and had to stop. Once out of the cars we all had to feel how refreshing the water was. I would highly recommend this stop on your trip.

Getting our feet wet.

When we arrived to the majestic Old Faithful Inn and we were able to check right in with no problem. And we were just in time for the 4:39pm eruption of the Old Faithful Geyser. Pretty amazing, but I was more amazed at how many people turned out for it. Hundreds of people! The lobby at the Inn is world famous and it shows by all the tour buses we saw. 

You can’t miss her!


I would highly recommend a stay at this hotel. She’s a gem and must be seen from the inside. Plus some great hikes along the boardwalks around the hotel to see some great geysers (more to come on that).

That evening we had dinner in the main restaurant and I gorged myself on the all-you-can eat buffet dinner. Not recommended (more to come on that too!).

Tomorrow the Grand Prismatic Spring.

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  1. Great picture of that morning fog.


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