Bison, Bison, and more Bison

July 19 – Today we ventured up to Mammoth Hot Springs, which took roughly 2 hours, to visit the travertine terraces. Along the way we were stuck in a 15 minute bison jam in Hayden Valley. We were fortunate enough to have one pass right in front of our car. Pretty amazing and great photos.

On our way to the Mammoth we drove over a pass with some of the most beautiful fields of flowers that I’ve ever seen. Stunning!!!



The travertine terraces were okay, but I’m not sure if I would recommend the drive if not staying closer, but we still made the most of it. After that we made our way into Montana to snap some photos at the Roosevelt Arch, which was the first entrance into Yellowstone, dedicated by Theodore Roosevelt himself, back in 1903. Worth the drive just to see it and snap some photos or selfies. If you have time, head into Gardiner, MT, it looks like a cute town (we didn’t have a chance to go).



After passing the 45th Parallel between the North Pole and the Equator. We then made our way back down south towards Lake Yellowstone to our next stop at Tower Falls. After, we stopped by to take a peek at the petrified tree. We had a small picnic from the back of our minivan – peanut butter and jelly with banana sandwiches and some fruit. The Tower Falls, if not crowded, is well worth the visit. Stunning views!!!!

And this is what a petrified tree looks like.


Tower Falls! 132 foot falls!

On our way back to Lake Yellowstone Hotel, we passed a herd of bison along the side of the road and got some great photos of baby bison. The kids LOVED them!


We all showered and had a nice pre-dinner cocktail, before dining in the Lake Yellowstone Hotel Restaurant (reservations needed). Briana’s elk ravioli was by far the best of the meals!

 Tomorrow we venture up the Lamar Valley in search of wolves and hopefully some bears.

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  1. Love getting the updates. Yellowstone is the best place in the world!


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