Devil’s Tower & Cody, Wyoming

Today we started off with a hike around the base of Devil’s Tower. This Native American sacred site is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. We witnessed climbers mid-way up the face, a man almost stepping on a rattle snake, and prayer cloths attached to trees. Words can’t describe how I felt standing at the base of this amazing structure.


This is a must see by all!  Here are a few more pics of our hike around Devils Tower:

Don’t look down!
Prayer cloths

Continuing our journey to Cody, WY we drove through the most amazing scenery I have ever seen. Big Horn National Forest. Can’t say enough about how beautiful this place is. My hands were glued to the steering wheel and Sienna wouldn’t look out the window as we climbed from approximately 3500ft to over 8500ft with switch backs all the way up. I didn’t even want to look out over the rail. But back down we came – slow and steady as Briana kept reminding me.

Our next stop was Heart Mountain Interpretive Center, between Powell and Cody, WY. Heart Mountain is a small museum that provides an overview of the incarceration of Japanese Americans during WWII. This is a absolute MUST see!  Please add this to your list if you plan on visiting Cody or Yellowstone. This story needs to be told. As I was standing in the meditation room, which overlooks Heart Mountain, the whole idea of we, the United States, once having internment camps became too much for me, and I began to cry.

Heart Mountain
Overlooking Heart Mountain

After that very emotional visit we proceeded to make our way into Cody, WY, the gateway to Yellowstone National Park. We checked into our nice little cabins for the evening, at Cody Cowboy Village, adjacent to our travel companions, the Potts. We ventured into downtown Cody to take in some sites and do a little shopping before we hit the parks. We witnessed a shoot out in the streets (a reenactment) which the girls were a little taken back by the sounds of the gunshots (with blanks!). We saw a pizza delivery car in the form of the Ghostbusters car, which was awesome. And my baby finally got a cowgirl hat. And she looks amazing!

And today YELLOWSTONE!!!!


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