Wall, South Dakota

People have told me that I needed to visit the famous Wall Drug Store in Wall, South Dakota. And yesterday we did just that. It reminds of a western themed “South of the Border”. This place is so big that they even have their own map. They sell every kind of kitsch you can imagine. Thankfully we only got a couple of post cards and the girls purchased mini dream catchers. This place has a restaurant, a cafe, arcade, a giant T-Rex that roars with smoke every 12 minutes, and of course….a giant Jackalope. And the creepiest animatronics I’ve ever seen.

image2 (3)

So if you’re planning a trip out west and plan on driving the northern route (US90), I would not recommend wasting your time here (unless, of course, this is your thing). Just not our cup of tea. Here are some photos of our quick stop at Wall Drug. Gotta love Kiley trying to mimic the statue.

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So far this trip has been amazing and I hope everyone, if given the opportunity, will take a trip and see how wonderful and ever changing our country is.

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2 thoughts on “Wall, South Dakota

  1. The dragon is cool! Reminds me of Twin Peaks kind of creepy!


  2. We really enjoyed the donuts and 10 cent coffee.


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