We finally made it to Wyoming. Whew! Our morning started off with some hiking in the Badlands.  We can’t say enough about how amazing the Badlands are.  Everyone needs to add this park to their bucket list. After our hikes and a hearty breakfast, we were off for Mt. Rushmore. 2 hours later while driving up the mountain and we saw a small portion of the monument and all said “wow I thought it would be larger than that”. However once up close it simply is amazing! We were in awe.

DSC00967  We spent about about 2 hours at Mt Rushmore and captured some amazing photos.

I See You!

Then back in the car for our 2 1/2 hour drive to our next destination the Best Western @ Devil’s Tower. Since we were driving right past Sturgis we decided we needed to take a quick detour and drive down Main St. They are in full swing and preparing for bike week which begins in a few weeks. But I can’t imagine that many people in such a small town.


Once in Devil’s Tower we checked in, dropped off our bags, and went straight to dinner at the Ponderosa.  This place reminds me of the Vienna Inn, however with a serious western theme, and only one of two places to eat in the whole town.

The Ponderosa

Tomorrow we set off early for a morning hike around Devil’s Tower and then back in the car for a 5 hour trek to Heart Mountain Interpretive Center in Powell, WY.  Then to Cody, WY to meet up with our travel companions.

Here are some more photo’s of todays event’s:

Until tomorrow, I must sleep………

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1 thought on “Wyoming

  1. Cody is where my wife is from. It’s an amazing little town. Enjoy!


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