The Badlands

After being in the car for almost 12 hours, with a brief stop to see the falls and to have lunch in Sioux Falls, we made it to the Badlands. Holy Cow Batman!!! The Badlands are absolutely amazing. They look like they sprout right out of some crazy sci-fi movie set. On our way here we must’ve passed thousands of large wind mills.  Briana and I don’t understand  who or what large agro company is farming all of this land in South Dakota (because there are no homes, just crops and cows). Anyway, I digress. Arriving into The Badlands National Park our entrance fee was free because of our rising 4th grader Kiley Wiley.  And yes, that’s how she signed her National Parks card.  She’s awesome!

Arriving in The Badlands

We’re staying in a cabin within the park, at Cedar Pass Lodge. If you are planning a visit to the Badlands, you MUST stay here. And the sunset here is absolutely amazing!

We had to make a pit stop at the Lewis and Clark overlook to take a few pics of her.  Isn’t she amazing!

Today we have a few early morning hike’s on the agenda before the temperature tops out at 105.  Then off to Mount Rushmore and then Devil’s Tower, with a pitstop in Wall.

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1 thought on “The Badlands

  1. I’ve always heard about the beauty of the Badlands – thanks for sharing a glimpse with us!


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