WOW!  So yesterday it took us 11 1/2 hours to reach our destination of Madison, Wisconsin, which is pretty frigin cool!  On our way we hit some major traffic trying to maneuver our way around Chicago, but regardless of which way we went it didn’t seem to help.  At least their traffic has nothing on DC traffic.  But the saving grace is we gained an hour.   I utilize the app “WAZE” quite often back in the DC area.  And we’re using it on this trip however yesterday it frustrated the hell out of me.  It kept loosing its GPS connection.  Not not sure it that’s because we were out in the farm land of Indiana or what, but man was that frustrating.  Plus the rest stops have absolutely ZERO healthy options.  NOT GOOD!

Sisterly Love!

We are making a point to capture all the state signs as we enter into each. I was a little surprised when I saw how small Wisconsin’s welcome sign was.  Also my dj (Briana) was playing much of our day’s music from the 80’s, which is great! However when she decided to listen to ABBA, that’s when my mind needs to go to a happy place because ABBA makes me want to curl up in a corner and begin rocking. But the girls loved it!


Once in Madison we checked into the Courtyard Marriott East, a really nice hotel.  Just recently refurbished and with very helpful staff.  We dropped our bags off into the room and went down to the front desk and asked for dining options.  They recommended a Madison Original – Ella’s Deli.  Upon arrival, it reminded me of a creepy, crazy, warped, horror movie set with a carousel out front.  The food was great, and the fried cheese curds are a must along with a Spotted Cow brewskie, and the matzo ball soup.  The girls loved it, running around with our phones taking pictures and videos.  If ever in Madison this place is a must do, pure americana at its best.  And yes the ladies did ride the carousel.

Next stop The Badlands of South Dakota.  Hopefully today’s drive is more beautiful than farmland.

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2 thoughts on “Wisconsin

  1. You’ve got a great DJ with great music tastes


  2. So fun!!!


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