Wisconsin Here We Come

So last night we made good time and made it into Pittsburgh right at 4 hours (with a stop for some Red Bull for this guy).  I hate driving the Pennsylvania Turnpike at night.  I had a few white knuckle experiences with big rigs doing probably 80mph around the twist and turns.  And the turnpike is probably one of the darkest highway’s on the east coast.  And our RV, or Chrysler Pacifica, is quite comfortable and handles more like a car at 75mph and it allows the girls to stretch out.

When we rolled in last night and I saw that our hotel was directly across from UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex, this is where the Pittsburgh Penguins practice, I was a little pissed.  They are are constantly knocking my Capitals out of the playoffs and if there is one team I just don’t like, its the PENS.

Picture from our room.  BOOOOO!!!!

But this is a brand new Marriott, Towneplace Suites, and all the rooms are suites with full kitchens, large screen tv, and really comfortable beds.  If you’re ever in the area I would highly recommend staying here.  And the girls loved the breakfast, or at least the waffle maker and hard boiled eggs.  Briana and I loved the coffee and that’s probably because we’ll need it for our 9+ hour drive today.  And of course we woke up this morning to lovely rain.  So that might slow our travels down a little.


Next stop Madison, Wisconsin!

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  1. Wisconsin already!


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